15 Signs it’s a Healthy Relationship

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Earlier, due to lack of awareness, people expected romantic relationships to be magical, movie-like, and full of excitement. But as times are changing, people have started valuing mental health, especially in the context of intimate relationships.

Consequently, it’s more important today to find a healthy relationship than a dramatic one. But what makes some relationships healthier than others?

The hallmarks of a healthy relationship include communication, trust, respect, boundaries, and support. In this video, we’re going to describe fifteen signs that indicate your relationship is healthy.

If you find that your partner and you relate to what we share, pat yourselves on the back for your good work. However, if you feel that these things are missing in your love life, we recommend making that change.

So, let’s begin.


You both feel understood.

It’s imperative for both partners to feel heard and understood in a relationship. You can only get to know each other well if there is scope for communication and acceptance.


You’re able to speak freely to each other about things that bother you.

If you can’t speak up when you’re upset about something, you might start suppressing your problems only to explode eventually. Relationships can’t last if problems aren’t addressed and resolved through dialogue.


You take a genuine interest in each other’s lives.

To make your love last for years, you both need to actively participate in each other’s lives. One cannot give up parts of their identity for the other or else you create an unbalanced power dynamic.


This isn’t the only important relationship in your life.

You should both have other people in your life as well who you can rely on for support. Maybe not as much as you depend on each other. But just in case your partner isn’t able to be there for you in certain situations, you should have others you can turn to.


You both pursue individual interests.

A healthy relationship lets you both keep your individuality intact while finding ways to blend your lives together. Doing everything together with your partner can be fun at the beginning but it can get suffocating. Having individual interests provides the necessary space and boundaries that help your love grow.


You believe that you are a worthwhile person outside of this relationship.

Your romantic relationship should never be the only factor in your life that makes you feel worthy. You both need to have your own thing going on so that you’re never threatened or insecure about losing your only source of self-worth.


You don’t expect this person to meet all of your emotional or physical needs.

It’s not realistic to expect your partner to be responsible for all your needs. You need to take responsibility for them yourself. Healthy relationships understand that and only expect support from both partners when possible. Never at the cost of the other person’s wellbeing.


Your relationship is rarely threatened by others. 

A healthy relationship is built on trust and security. As a result, other people seldom cause any kind of conflict between two partners. Even if either of you feels jealous, it only makes you desire each other more.


You can be yourselves in front of each other.

If you can’t be your most authentic self in front of your significant other, it’s not a healthy connection. You two need to be each other’s safe space where there’s no judgement. That’s what will keep you together for many years.


You’re both comfortable sharing your feelings.

As mentioned before, communication is an active ingredient of any healthy relationship. This includes having conversations about how you feel. You can’t keep the love alive if you only talk about worldly topics. It’s crucial to address your emotions and navigate through them together.


You both work to improve the relationship.

Unless you both contribute to keeping the spark alive, it’ll start feeling one-sided and distressing. In healthy relationships, both partners are ready to compromise and make efforts for each other’s happiness.


You both feel good about yourselves.

A good relationship increased self-esteem and confidence. It’ll make you feel like you’re capable, loveable, and worthy of compassion. Even in tough times, healthy love can give a feeling of adequacy and satisfaction.


The relationship makes you a better person.

The best relationships are the ones that help us grow into better versions of ourselves. This can only happen if your bond with your partner is a healthy one. You both inspire each other to do more and whatever it takes to stay happy.


There’s physical as well as emotional intimacy.

Good sex may be a sign of a lasting connection, but it’s only healthy if you can be emotionally intimate too. That implies you feel safe being vulnerable in front of each other. Consequently, your connection is stronger and more meaningful.


You can both accept changes in roles and feelings within the relationship

Change is inevitable, especially if your relationship lasts for a long duration. As time passes, you’ll both experience various transitions in your lives. Subsequently, your roles and feelings towards each other might change as well. A healthy relationship lets you adjust to these transitions smoothly and without much pushback.

Now that we’re done with our list, do you think these signs describe your relationship with your partner? Are the two of you in a healthy relationship? Let us know your thoughts and stories in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

A link for further reading and the studies & references used in the making of this video are mentioned in the description below.

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