What is the message of the 1144 angel number?

In this blog post, we will decipher the message of the 1144 angel number. We will also talk about the vibrations of numbers 11 and 44, and what does master numbers mean. 

The significance of 1144 angel number

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

The significance of the 1144 angel number is that you now need to watch your thoughts.

Certainly, you have to make a wish, since you are at a point in your life that your thoughts can easily materialize into reality. Be careful what you wish for, tho!

1144 angel number carries the energy and meaning of the numbers 11 and 44, which not by chance, form the 1144 angel number.

In numerology, the numbers 11 and 44 are considered the Master numbers.

What is a Master Number?

In numerology it is said that Master Numbers are numbers from God, they are considered superior, and these numbers are given to the “old souls” who are here to help mankind. 

Master Numbers appear either in the destiny number or in the total expression of the name and the immense energy that these numbers give must be used in constructive projects, beneficial for several people.

It is good to know what vibration you have in destiny or in name in order to be able to use this immense energy, this full potential.

The Master numbers are: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99

11, 33, 55, 77, 99 are “top” Master Numbers, they are more intuitive, paranormal and spiritually sensitive numbers.

These numbers have strength because they emphasize both them and the root number. 

All people who have a “top” number to their destiny number or  in their name, have a very intuitive and inspired thinking, they can easily mix with each other, yet not be part of the same world.

They have charisma, a mysterious charm that makes them stand out from the crowd and they easily find their disciples.

The Master number 11

11, known as the “Mystical Master”, is a powerful vibration, in the sense of inspiring ideas and using creative forces.

With this vibration of destiny or name you have come into this life to urge others to make the most of their potential. 

There is always more energy around this number, 11 it is known as the mystical-sent Master of God and the teacher of people, because 11, by its nature, seeks to enter the mysteries of life. Jesus was such a Master with the total number of 11. 

With 11 you must strive to reach perfection, to study in this sense.

When people who have the number 11 in destiny or in name are on the right path, a special radiance appears in them.

Those with 11 as the dominant number lack the pragmatic side because they are not on the wavelength of material issues. 

Number 11 warns of unknown dangers, of the appearance of unexpected problems or troubles. The root of 11 is 2, so we must learn to choose between good and evil. 

When 11 manifests itself negatively, then the person seeks the path of pleasures, lacks understanding and may unintentionally annoy others.

The skills for these people are found in the domain of arts, music, spirituality. Attracted by the news in the field of religion, science. 

People with 11 as their destiny number have their own style of motivating others to do everything right, of encouraging them and of being a pioneer because they have that spark of wisdom in their eyes and they know how to say the right words at the right time.

From Gladys Lobos’ book “Magic Numerology” about the destiny number 11:

Vibration that transcends the limits of human mentality and behavior – it is a challenge that requires people to behave severely, which does not allow them to forget that, above all and above all, their existence is dedicated to others.

Connected to one of the highest Vibrations, they are dreamers, willing to sacrifice themselves for an ideal, and often become the promoters of advanced social ideas and community interest. 

Although it is difficult for them to recognize, because they do not like to attract attention, nor to dominate, it exerts a great power over others; they can lead large masses of people, influencing them through their enthusiasm, speech and example.

An authentic 11 will never go unnoticed, because he has a real talent, sagacity and insight, and his incredible and clairvoyant vision helps him to make prompt and correct decisions, which will lead him to success.

Its grandeur will place it in the center of the pyramid. Fame and honor are not reduced to material gain, and its ultimate purpose remains intolerable.

He will seek spiritual perfection in the future (his only goal), he will hope to work for the good of his fellow men.

The vibration of Number 11 also gives imagination, creativity and originality; honesty, balance and objectivity.

Moral power, generosity and humanity in a soul of a poet, dreamer, visionary, mystic and religious.

From a professional point of view, he possesses a great curiosity, which determines him to show an inclination towards the scientific and philosophical side, entering into the secrets and mysteries that surround us and to which man has always felt attracted. 

Because they can be successful in all fields of art, they can become philosophers, writers and eminent scientists or researchers; talented actors or artists; passionate and convincing, priests and missionaries, intuitive and clairvoyant astrologers; numerologists and honest practitioners of the occult sciences.

All these qualities and skills offer them the opportunity to become important and influential people, able to achieve their spiritual ideals and, implicitly, to know success in the financial and social world.

Power, authority and wealth will interest them not so much for themselves, but insofar as it uses them for humanitarian and educational purposes, becoming true and philanthropists and benefactors of mankind.

That is why the personality of a Number 11 will be so pregnant that no one will be able to escape its charm; other people will feel after contact with them.

Like any human being subject to error, Numbers 11 can know excesses, losing the notion of reality, becoming dreamers, eccentrics in search of chimeras and achievable fantasies.

The true 11 manage to dominate their negative tendencies, to overcome the obstacles that life offers.

They work for their inner peace and harmony; they are born to enlighten and guide the lives of their fellow men.

It is rightly said that they are “their own masters of the soul and their destiny”, managing to achieve a perfect balance between reality and the subconscious, having the courage to defend their own beliefs.

In fact, a Master Vibration brings together all the characteristics of each Vibration.

The mental, moral, spiritual and intuitive qualities are the same, according to the inner motivations that will take into account those around them, always surpassing one’s own person.

Living intensely, they will have an interesting, active and extraordinary existence, which will not lack relationships with influential and important people.

Often, their path seems to be directed by superior forces; they live unforeseen events, they suddenly become the protagonists of extraordinary and surprising experiences.

It is as if they are predestined, and someone leads them to their true destiny.

The master number 44 

If you often see the number 44 or you happen to have a certain condition, it means that you are not alone.

Your protective spirit watches over you and shows you the right way.

He will guide you to the best decisions, protect you from danger and misfortune, and give you the impetus to act at the right time.

The symbolism of this number is represented by the square. The square represents the order of the universe and is seen as stable and solid.

As long as all its sides are strong and working together, it is the idea of stability.

But when one of those sides disappears or falls apart and the rest of the structure is at risk of falling apart.

The number 4 is the number of existence, it is a number that connects the mind and the body and brings them into harmony together.

It symbolizes the safety and security of the home, the need for family stability and trust in strong values and principles.

Since ancient times, the number 4 has been associated with the mystery of life and the idea of continuity.

It is not a coincidence that there are 4 seasons, 4 cardinal points, 4 elements of nature. All these are also the most important features of this figure.

Number 4 can be a sign that your guardian angels love you, give you protection, love, 

support and everything you need to achieve your goals.

When you think positively, are open-minded and easily adapt to new situations, the Universe rewards you with unique moments that you can never forget.

If it happens to appear often in your way, it means that 4 is your lucky number, which you can use exactly like an amulet.

Take advantage of the positive energy and surround yourself with it, wherever you go.

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In this blog post, we discovered what the message of the 1144 angel number is. We also talked about the vibrations of numbers 11 and 44, and what these master numbers mean. 

The significance of the 1144 angel number is that you now need to watch your thoughts, as they are to become reality. 

Be careful what you wish for, as thoughts have more power than you could imagine. 

In numerology it is said that Master Numbers are numbers from God, they are considered superior, and these numbers are given to the “old souls” who are here to help mankind. 

Pay attention to the numbers around you, because your angels have important messages for you. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please do not hesitate to share them. 

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Magic Numerology, by Gladys Lobos

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