11 Signs of True Love

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be truly in love? 

Love doesn’t have to be a magical experience packed with romance and grand gestures. Sometimes, being excessively romantic can misrepresent what true love is about. 

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for toxic relationships to portray love as a fairytale. The intensity of the highs masks the terrible lows. For example, you and your partner might be crazy in love, but your arguments turn into ugly fights with possible violence. You might feel madly in love but that’s not what true love looks like.

This video is going to describe eleven signs of true love. This information can help you figure out whether your love is the real deal. However, if you want to understand the nature of your relationship better, we recommend consulting a relationship coach or therapist.

Now, let’s begin.


You can talk to each other about anything.

Open communication is the hallmark of a healthy relationship. In true love, partners find a way to talk about everything, including thoughts and feelings. You know you love someone if you can talk to them freely and know that they will understand you.


You take a genuine interest in each other’s lives.

Has your partner ever complained to you that you’re not that involved in their life? 

When you truly love someone, you tend to integrate yourself into different aspects of their daily lives. You interact with their loved ones, occasionally participate in their hobbies, and listen to them talk about their day.


There is mutual respect.

Where there’s true love, there is no room for disrespect. When couples tend to become spiteful, sarcastic, and demeaning, the fall out of love. Instead, if they treat each other with dignity and kindness, the love only grows.


You’re both able to adapt to changing roles and feelings in your relationship.

True love is supposed to be about the long run. It’s not a temporary fling. With time, there will be many transitions that you go through as a couple. For example, maybe you’ll move in together or you’ll be trying long-distance. Perhaps you get married, have career shifts, or become parents. True love will help you stick together despite the many changes.


You can be your true selves around each other.

It’s important for you to be free and comfortable in front of your partner. Otherwise, it’s possible that you’re being loved for an unsustainable version of yourself. When you inevitably reveal your authentic self, the affection might fade away. In contrast, true love allows you to be true to yourself straight from the beginning.


You’ve become a better person because of your love.

Ask yourself this, has this relationship made you work on your shortcomings? Do you think that your partner motivates you to live a more meaningful life?

True love embraces your weaknesses and creates a safe space for you to work on them. The affection and validation gets rid of your shame associated with your flaws, leaving you at a better position to improve them.


You’re committed to each other through thick and thin.

No relationship is perfect. All couples are bound to have bad phases when you feel completely out of sync. Despite that, if you’re able to repair your relationship and talk about how to spend more time in sync, you and your partner share true love.


You can both resolve conflicts through compromise.

Arguments are a part of healthy relationships. Love doesn’t miraculously eliminate the possibility of conflict. Rather, true love creates a chance for resolution. You’re able to see things from your partner’s point of view and vice versa, leading to solutions.


You take care of each other.

In addition to the romantic gestures we talked about in the beginning of this video, true love also includes the little things. Such as helping out with a difficult task or cooking a comfort meal. You know and love your partner so much that you’re able to support and care for each other everyday is countless ways.


You both work to improve the relationship.

No relationship is effortless. No matter how much you love someone, nurturing your relationship is always going to take effort. You have to keep learning how to adapt to new situations and to keep an open mind in conversations. More importantly, this effort has to come from both partners. Only then is it true love.


Your partner’s happiness matters more than the relationship.

Sometimes, true love can also mean the acceptance of your partner’s absence. Life is unpredictable and you never know what might happen. If you every suspect that being with you is holding your partner back in life, true love would make you address it. Even if it meant you had to lose them.

So, do you think you and your partner show any of these eleven signs? Is your love true enough? Let us know you thoughts in the comments.

A link for further reading and the studies & references used in the making of this video are mentioned in the description below.

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