11 Secret Signs Someone Hates You

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Hatred is a very angry emotional response to certain people or ideas. It is often associated with intense feelings of anger and disgust. If someone hates you, they have strong negative reactions to everything that you do.

They don’t like seeing your success and might even sabotage your career, reputation, or wellbeing. Unfortunately, a lot of people keep their hatred a secret due to social obligations. That means that they put up an appearance of civility but deep inside, they have nothing but resentment for you.

It can be a bit difficult to recognise whether an individual hates you when they’re putting on an act. Sometimes, people may even pretend to be your well-wisher if they want to take advantage of you.

This video will describe eleven secret signs someone hates you. You can use this information to identify and protect yourself from secret haters in your life. However, bear in mind that there could be other reasons too for a person to behave in these ways such as self-hatred or a mental disorder.

Now, let’s begin.


They keep interactions formal and brief.

Does this person always keep conversations short and to the point? Do they prefer more formal ways of communicating like through emails or work meetings? If they’re being curt with you, they probably don’t like you very much.


They treat you differently from how they treat others.

If someone hates you, you’ll be able to see a clear difference in their behaviour towards others versus their behaviour towards you. Perhaps they’re more considerate and interactive with your common social circles. But when it comes to you, they seem more cold and distant.


You can sense it through eye contact.

When someone hates you, they either avoid eye contact altogether or stare at you intensely. You can generally tell that a person feels hatred for you when they look right into your eyes with a death stare. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and hard to ignore even if you look away.


They avoid being in the same space as you.

We tend to maintain a safe distance from the things that we hate. The same applies to people who bear hatred for you. They’ll go out of their way to ensure that they don’t have to spend much time in your presence. You might see them exit the room as soon as you enter. Or they’ll fail to show up for events that you attend.


They have closed body language.

One of the non-verbal ways of communicating hatred is to have closed body language. Have you noticed anyone cross their arms, cross their legs, keep hands close to their body while speaking, and have a one-tone voice? Do they only have this body language around you? If so, it’s possible they hate you.


Their politeness seems forced.

Social etiquette and polite behaviour are essential in certain circles. Perhaps you work in the same place, live in the same building, or are related to each other. In all these situations, people are expected to be nice to you even if they hate you. Nevertheless, it will appear forced and superficial.


They give backhanded compliments.

A backhanded compliment is any comment that blurs the line between an insult and a compliment. For example, they might say “Congratulations! I didn’t expect you to get that job!” or “That new haircut suits you so much better than your old one.”


They exclude you from everything.

Having to share a workplace or residence with a person who hates you can put you in a difficult position. They’ll want to exclude you from any group activity so you might feel lonely and left out. You might also start excusing yourself from participating just to avoid the hostility.


They enjoy seeing you suffer.

It pleases your haters to see you in any kind of trouble. Seeing you suffer gives them vindictive pleasure so they’ll probably be smiling or celebrating when you’re low. By chance, if you ask them for help, they might come up with some excuse to deny your request.


They spread rumours about you.

Some people spread rumours as a way to intimidate others and gain status or popularity. But when someone hates you, they use gossip as a weapon to bully you. They could be lying or exposing your secrets with the intention to hurt you.


They encourage others to stay away from you.

Anyone who hates you would want others to feel the same way. They wouldn’t like to see you have the support of mutual friends, colleagues, or relatives. As a result, they might try to spoil your relationships with them by vilifying you.

Were you able to resonate with any of the signs we described here? Do you think someone might be secretly hating you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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