11+ forum (A review)


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Page last updated: 25/11/2022

11+ forum

In this brief blog, we will discuss 11+ forums and how they may be helpful.

What are 11+ forums?

11+ forums as the name implies are forums for people who are 11 years of age and above. 

These forums focus on different things such as exams, classwork and mostly things which have an educative subject manner.

The 11+ forums are properly managed and monitored due to the fact that most people who are using these forums will usually be below the age of 18 and may be classed as a vulnerable group.

If you are worried your child is spending too much time on an 11+ forum then you may want to limit their time on the forum or considering installing software on the laptop your child is using to ensure the communications they are having are safe and are not putting them at any risks.

Whilst most 11+ forums will go through any effort to ensure no risk is posed to the children on these platforms there is still a possibility that danger may be lurking in an 11+ forum.

The 11+ forums even offer help which is location-based and covers a variety of topics thought at schools.

11+ forum (A review)

List of 11+ forums

Below are a list of 11+forums currently in the UK.

Eleven plus exams: 

As the name implies the eleven plus exams forum is an 11+ forum which is focussed around preparing students who are at least 11 years of age for their exams.

This focuses on different age grades for school and different topics being thought at school.

With this forum, you can get help with your exams, practice mock exams etc

These 11+ forums also provide help if you are trying to get your kids into school, appeal results and many other things which have to do with your child’s education.

The amount of knowledge on this forums is a lot but then some of these 11+ forums may also be overwhelming places for kids.

11 plus guide

The 11 plus guide is an 11+ forum which does a similar thing to the eleven plus exams forum.

It allows students to receive help based on their location, subject matter and grade.