11 Deep Relationship Questions

This informative post will be giving you a compilation of deep relationship questions that you can use if you want to improve the connection that you share with your partner. By asking and answering these questions, you will instantly find your relationship stronger and better than ever.

Deep Relationship Questions

Deep Relationship Questions that you need to ask your partner right away are listed as follows,

1. What is the best thing that you love about our relationship?

This question may seem like a very clichéd question that people ask each other in a relationship but can definitely be pretty introspective in nature. It can also give you and your partner a heads-up as to how different or similar you are to each other.

2. Why did you fall in love with me?

Get ready to be surprised when you ask your partner this question, because sometimes the answers can definitely be intriguing. If someone says that they fell in love with you for your superficial things, then your connection may not be as strong as you thought it was.

3. Have we both changed as people after getting into a relationship?

Relationships can definitely change the people who are in it after a certain period of time. Some changes can be quite positive and others might be negative in nature. At the same time, a lack of change or growth can signify a stagnant or stale relationship.

4. Is there something that you would more of or less of in our relationship? What is it?

This open-ended question is meant to help you and your partner achieve more through this relationship that you have. Some people may want more personal space, more sex, less shopping outings, less dinners with extended family, etc. There is always room for growth here.

5. Do you think you can talk about anything to me?

This can be a pretty deep question because not everything is easy to display out in the open. At the same time, being comfortable talking about anything and everything, including traumatizing things, is one of the main highlights of a healthy relationship.

6. What do you think of my family?

Partners always come with a package and it is rarely just their own person. Most of the time, the package can be in the form of family and knowing what your partner thinks about your family and if they are comfortable with them can help you understand the longevity of the relationship.

7. When have I hurt you the most?

Not all times in a relationship are going to be rosy and sweet and there can be times when one person will hurt the other and vice-versa. More often than not, these times are brushed under the rug. But bringing them up and talking about them healthily, can improve the relationship.

8. What are you looking forward to the most in our relationship?

A relationship always has the next phase or stage and the idea of this can vary among people. While some people look forward to moving in together or getting married, the expectations may not be the same on the other side, which can lead to conflicts.

9. Is there a certain goal that I can help you achieve?

The goal referred to in this question can relate to personal goals as well as relationship goals. Helping your partner achieves their own goals and be the best version of themselves, and vice-versa, can definitely improve the quality of your relationship.

10.  Do you think we need to get a pet together?

This question is particularly important if you are trying to have kids in your future. Getting a pet together needs more responsibility and commitment for both sides. If you are not a pet person, you can even try asking if they are ready to get a plant together.

Deep Goals Questions for Relationships

Other than just asking your partner about the relationship that you share with each other, it is also important to understand the goals that they might have. Some deep questions about goals that you can ask your partner are:

1. Are you happy with your career as of now?

Careers and work-life are essential parts of a person’s identity, but may not be true for everyone in the same context. Asking your partner if they are happy with their current career and if they want more out of it can bring more meaning and depth to your relationship.

Understanding the different ways that everyone works in is essential before you go ahead with this question. For some people, a career is not what they seek for but a simple job with great pay will suffice. For others, they may be more aggressive in their pursuit of a career.

2. Do you plan on studying further?

Not everyone plans on stopping their education at a certain point of time. Many people are eager to continue their education, even after their careers have really taken off. However, their partners may not always agree with this and it is important that both parties understand this well.

3. What is your goal in the long-run?

Everyone’s long-term goal can differ. For some people, the goal can be a family, and for others it may be starting their own company. Whatever your goal and your partner’s goal may be, it is essential that both of you know it and understand it.

Deep Sex Questions for Relationships

Sex can be a very important aspect for many relationships. But not everyone can have the same sex goals and ideals as their partner, and the taboo around talking about sex can worsen this situation. Some questions about sex that you can ask your partner are:

1. What turns you on?

Be aware that this question is not exactly going to reveal a short answer, since there are a lot of things that can turn people on. Knowing what turns your partner on can help in spicing things up sex-wise and can even make sex more content for them.

2. What can I do to make things better in the bedroom?

Sometimes sex can seem like a basic routine and things can get dull and boring after a while. There are always things that you can do to improve your sex routine with your partner. Also, asking them about it can make them feel that you genuinely care for them and respect them.

At the same time, it is important that both you and your partner respect each other enough to stay within limits. Some things that your partner may like may not be suitable for you, and may even traumatize you. Both of you need to understand the importance of consent here.

3. What do you like in my body?

Your partner is with you in the relationship for many reasons, one among them being your physical attractiveness. Even if you might feel like a sack of potatoes on certain days, there are many things in your body that your partner definitely likes and finds attractive.

In getting a response for this question, you not only find what your partner finds attractive in you, but you can also use this to turn them on during ‘fun’ sessions later. You will also find a serious boost for your self-esteem.


This informative post has given you a compilation of deep relationship questions that you can use if you want to improve the connection that you share with your partner. In addition to these, we have also given you a list of questions about goals and sex to ask your partner.

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