100 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

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This article will show you 100 romantic questions you can ask your girlfriend to make your connection deeper.

100 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend 

If you want the best 100 romantic questions to ask your girlfriend, here they are.

1- What would be your dream honeymoon destination?

2- What would be the best gift that I could give you?

3- How was the day of our first kiss?

4- What is your perfect idea for being proposed to?

5- What is the song that should be played at the first dance at our wedding?

6- What do you want your wedding to look like?

7- What is your idea of a great marriage?

8- Do you believe soul mates exist?

9- How did you realize you were in love with me?

10- Do you feel loved by me?

11- Do you think relationships should last forever?

12- How can you tell you are in love?

13- Do you believe in happily ever after?

14- What do I do that makes you feel loved and appreciated?

15- What makes you feel desired?

16- What is your idea of a perfect date?

17- When do I look my most desirable to you?

18- If I had to move to a new city for work, would you consider doing that with me?

19- How many relationships have you had before me?

20- Have you ever said I love you first?

21- What is your idea of a great anniversary celebration?

22- Do you have a relationship goal?

23- Do you prefer to watch the sunrise, or the sunset together?

24- When you were a child, how did you imagine your own family to look like?

25- What is the most romantic movie you have ever seen? Why do you think that is the one?

26- Would you like me to give you some surprises?

27- What is your idea of waking up on a weekend?

28- Did I ever positively surprise you with something?

29- Did I ever negatively surprise you with something?

30- Do you have many souvenirs from our relationship?

31- What is your favorite thing that I cook for you?

32- Am I the person you call when you are in trouble?

33- What do you look forward to in the future?

34- Did I ever make your heart beat faster?

35- What was your first impression of me?

36- What did you tell your girlfriends about our first date?

37- If money was no problem, what would you get for the both of us?

38- What is a cute nickname you would give me?

39- If I lost a limb in an accident, would you still love me?

40- What is a fictional character that you love? Why?

41- What is the most insane compliment you ever got?

42- What is the most insane compliment I ever gave you?

43- What is the most insane compliment you would give me?

44- What is the most cherished memory you have of us?

45- If we could take part in a tv show, which one would it be?

46- What is your most irritating trait?

47- What is my most annoying trait?

48- How would it be if the two of us were stranded on an island?

49- How would our perfect house look to you?

50- Do you want to have children?

51- What do you want our family to look like?

52- What is something that you would like me to do for you in our relationship?

53- What are your thoughts on a cozy night in?

54- Would you like me to do something different in our sex life?

55- Do you feel happy with your sex life?

56- What are sexual fantasies you have, that you never told me about?

57- What is one place I never kiss you that you would like to be kissed?

58- Do I give you enough massages?

59- Do you prefer a deep passionate kiss, or spend time cuddling?

60- What is your favorite sexual position?

61- Do you enjoy it when we have quickies?

62- What is the best time for you to have sex?

63- What is my biggest value to you?

64- Are there secrets you have never told me?

65- What is the thing you would miss the most if we aren’t together anymore?

66- What do you think is the greatest lesson you could teach me?

67- What is the greatest lesson I could teach you?

68- What is more important to you, love or money?

69- What is more important to you, someone that is beautiful, or someone intelligent?

70- What do you like the most about how I look?

71- Do I turn you on?

72- What are ways that you feel that I show you intimacy?

73- How does it feel to wake up next to me?

74- How do you imagine that it would be to grow old together?

75- How do you think a financial setback would affect our relationship?

76- How would it feel if I ever forgot one important date such as your birthday, or our anniversary?

77- How do you think our sex life would be like when we are older?

78- Do you think we should always take trips together, or for you, it is okay if we do some solo trips?

79- What is your idea of a vacation in nature?

80- What is your idea of a beach vacation?

81- Do you prefer a luxury hotel, or go camping?

82- In a different country would you be open to trying the local food?

83- What is the biggest lesson you got from your family that you would want your children to have?

84- Do you want to be a different or a similar parent to your parents?

85- What was your biggest heartbreak?

86- Do you miss me when we don’t see each other?

87- Do you like it that we hold hands when we walk?

88- Are you happy when you get a text from me?

89- Do you think we are the real deal?

90- What is the most romantic gesture I have ever done to you?

91- Do you think I should be more romantic?

92- How does it feel to you when we are quiet together?

93- Is our love at first sight?

94- Do you like that I display affection in public?

95- Did I ever make you feel embarrassed?

96- What are ways that I caress you that you enjoy?

97- Is there anything that would cause our relationship to last longer?

98- What song do you listen to and make you think of me?

99- What tv show you and make you think of me?

100- What is the one word you would use to describe our relationship with other people?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are 100 romantic questions that I can ask my girlfriend? 

How to strengthen my relationship?

There are some ways you can strengthen your relationship. You may do so by being friends with the person you are in a relationship with? And work towards maintaining the connection alive in the relationship. 

Physical intimacy is also extremely important in that, as well as celebrating, and showing support to one another. You may also make a point of learning how to fight in a way you won’t hurt each other. It is also important that you maintain a sense of your individuality, listen to what the other is saying, and if there is any trouble, look for professional help.

What do women want in a man? 

Women will often look for a few things in a man. The first of them is chemistry, and how vulnerable they are to each other. They will also look for someone stable, and with whom they can have a sense of equality. 

It is also important that the man is aware of himself, and makes himself present, even in emotional, or difficult times. They want someone that is always curious about her, says what they think and would be able to protect them, but also accept them for who they are.

What do men want in a woman? 

Men will often want a woman that has ambitions, and their own will, but also has the desire of building a home, and a family. Physical appearance is important, but also someone that has good health.

Being able to be social, and that is willing to sometimes do things to please their partner is seen as attractive, as well as being intelligent, emotionally stable, and that they can count on. Finally, men would want a woman that also is attracted to them, and that is open to building love.

How do I get a guy to chase me?

If you want a guy to chase you, the first thing you need to do is not make them the center of your life, and keep the energy towards yourself. You should also focus on using your feminine energy to attract them close and often find ways to make them think about you.

Aside from that, you should keep in mind that when a man wants you, and it is the right one, they are likely to chase you. It is also important that you keep an aura of mystery with them, and whenever the chance presents itself, make sure the two of you have fun together, which will keep them interested.

Sending them a flirty text every once and a while is something that can help build the connection between the two of you. But be sure to never chase the man, since once you do that, they will never chase you.

What are the physical traits men look for in a woman?

When men are creating a bond with a woman, they will likely do it through their physical appearance. In that, they will look for the ratio from the waist, and hip, and to women that have a high voice. Aside from that, men will look for women that have healthy hair, that often smiles, and wear less makeup.

They also want women that usually wear red, and strangely they prefer dark-haired women. They also seem to find tall women more attractive and be interested in women that have long arms, and big boobs.

Finally, men seem to pay attention to how women groom themselves,  so their attitude, posture, and behavior can go a long way.


This article showed you what are the best 100 questions to ask your girlfriend to deepen your connection.

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