100 Life Goal Ideas (You may need)

The current blogspot will be based  on a list of 100 life goal ideas. We will discuss the various ideas that can be used to establish life goals.  The life goal ideas will be based on life goal ideas across the various spheres of life majorly personal development and professional development.

What are the 100 life goal ideas?

The 100 life goals ideas are based on small realistic targets in life that a person can successfully use to achieve focus, growth, purposefulness and satisfaction in life.

The 100 life goals can be divided into various facets of:

  • Personal growth
  • Health and fitness
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Career
  • Family and friends

The 100 life goals related to personal growth and development are:

  • Read self help and motivation books
  • Attend seminars for new skills and motivation
  • Define your core values and strengths
  • Find a mentor to work on future goals
  • Learn new hard and soft skills in life
  • Engage with friends and family
  • Develop a me time 
  • Discover and connect with spiritual well-being
  • Take a language course to develop communication skills
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Maintain your body shape
  • Maintain your body mass index
  • Develop a sound mind and body
  • Try to be calm in life and manage anxiety
  • Do aerobics and remain fit
  • Prepare and eat healthy meals
  • Learn self defence skills
  • Learn emotional regulation
  • Learn stress management
  • Learn anger management
  • Learn assertiveness
  • Get involved in outdoor sports
  • Learn mastery in new skills
  • Chose and endure good friendships
  • Find a trust worth life partner
  • Spend quality time with your partner
  • Plan your kids with your partner
  • Have regular family meetings
  • Establish new memories with family
  • Develop a life long mindset while taking decisions
  • Take a family vacation
  • Go to different natural parks
  • Go hiking and trekking to set realistic goals
  • Go for various camping destinations
  • Try new skills like skiing, paragliding and sailing
  • Take an underwater adventure
  • Try climbing mountains and set new adventures
  • Get your career assessment done and set new goals
  • Achieve professional targets
  • Join a professional association
  • Get new certification 
  • Try to be an effective team leader
  • Discover your passion
  • Identify and search new multiple income sources
  • Declutter your life from various toxic life events
  • Live your dream moments
  • Enjoy your dream life moments
  • Make your life timeline and follow the targets
  • Keep a life journal that enables you doing a realistic analysis
  • Hire people under you to  ease your task 
  • Volunteer to teach others your skills 
  • Involve in new businesses
  • Develop financing strategies to fulfil an improved lifestyle
  • Invest in new business projects
  • Attend professional trainings
  • Travel to domestic stations
  • Travel to international stations
  • Enjoy a tourist attraction with a new group of friends
  • Travel to 7 wonders of the world every year
  • Go on weekend vacations
  • Buy your own house
  • Rent your dream house for a day or week
  • Take a test drive of your dream car
  • Make a financial plan to invest in buying your dream car
  • Create your plans for going to dream adventure spot
  • Own a vacation farmhouse
  • Adopt an orphan
  • Open a free school for underprivileged children
  • Complete an endurance event
  • Go for further studies on a scholarship
  • Go to different countries for immigration
  • Plan your retirement
  • Seek family support for life after retirement
  • Go on island vacation
  • Take a destination vacation for a week
  • Develop a good crediting rate
  • Own your favourite pet
  • Find a financial mentor
  • Invest in real estate and startups
  • Track your net worth
  • Develop your net worth
  • Grow your professional networks in life
  • Work on building your repute in society
  • Identify your social image and works towards enhancing it 
  • Work towards establishing a life full of social, personal and financial contentment.
  • Learn assertive communication to have effective communication skills
  • Adopt various strategies that aid in boosting self esteem
  • Identify the actual self and the real self
  • Recognize the differences between the actual and the real self
  • Achieve the real self through achieving realistic goals
  • Establish a strong subjective well being
  • Take an air adventure
  • Take an underwater adventure
  • Take a land adventure
  • Create your own adventure 
  • Plan a visit to a historic place
  • Plan a visit to a religious place or sacred place
  • Go on a voyage discovery 
  • Plan a visit to hollywood
  • Plan a gesture of kindness by tring to plant  trees throughout life


The 100 life goal ideas can be used to live a life full of vision and purpose. In this blogspot we discussed various life goal ideas that were based on personal development, financial development, health maintenance, lifestyle maintenance and professional development. We learned that setting small achievable and realistic goals in life can help towards living a purposeful life. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 100 life goal ideas

What are some good life goals?

Some good life goals are:

Marriage peace
Family harmony
Professional development
Personal success
Financial stability
Social responsibility

How do I make a life goals list?

You can make a life goal list by:

Deciding on things that you plan to do in life
Writing down your list of plans in diary
Break down your goal to reach a step every time
Plan your first move
Have a plan b to achieve something
Do crisis intervention
Set realistic goal
Enjoy your goal success

What are some life goal ideas?

Some of the life goal ideas are :

Read a motivation book every month
Take a mindful hobby
Volunteer for a charity organization
Learn a new skills every year



100+ Life Goals List for Ideas and Inspiration



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