100 free coping strategies (that help you)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are the 100 free coping skills?”. We will enlist and discuss the 100 free coping skills in this article that can be utilized in daily life to deal effectively with routine life issues and conflicts.

What are the 100 free coping strategies?

Following are the 100 free coping strategies that can be effectively used to deal with the routine stressors in a healthy and functional way:

  • Write down your unpleasant thoughts and feelings to get a vent out from the inner build of negativity
  • Hold ice cubes to numb down your negative energies
  • Place red pen marks on your arm instead of cutting your arm  and avoid yourself from self harming behavior
  • Punch a punching bag to take out aggression instead of getting aggressive on friends and family
  • Scream into your pillow to take out any emotional build up instead of yelling and shouting
  • Play with your favourite pet to distract yourself
  • Talk to a friend to share your feelings and seek social support
  • Talk to your family and ask for solutions
  • Spend time with your closest sibling and enjoy precious moments
  • Cook your favourite food to get distracted
  • Eat your favourite food to feel pleasure
  • Take a warm or cold shower to relax your muscles
  • Drink your favorite hot or cold drink to seek pleasure
  • Go for outing with friends and enjoy their company
  • Go for dine out/outing with family for a positive family experience
  • Take a vacation and take a break from monotony
  • Do a pleasurable activity that pleases you
  • Listen to favourite music and songs that uplift mood
  • Dance on your favourite beat to channelize your negativity
  • Watch a favourite drama or movie that makes you feel better
  • Play with siblings any indoor game like ludo, uno or any board game 
  • Play with siblings any outdoor game like tug of war, catch the ball or baseball
  • Go for a walk that will help you to get distracted
  • Go for swimming  to get focus your out of the problem area
  • Do yoga/meditation to connect your mind and body
  • Practice deep breathing that eases your body from stress symptoms
  • Take a good sleep to store positive energy in you
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation
  • Cook with your friends
  • Write your positive experiences in a diary
  • Write your moments of life you feel grateful for, in a journal
  • Make a forgiveness journal
  • Count your blessings daily
  • Practice positive thoughts
  • Form alternate positive thoughts to negative thoughts
  • Text message your friends over social media
  • Call your friends over for a sleepover
  • Organize a  party, arrange for games and lunch
  • Do cycling
  • Go for a drive alone or with a company that pleases you
  • Go for hiking/trekking
  • Explore new places for shopping
  • Go window shopping
  • Shop online
  • Do something exciting; mountain climbing, skiing, skydiving or bungee jumping
  • Go to your local ground and watch a game being played or join in a game
  • Get a massage to relax your body
  • Get a pedicure/manicure
  • Go to a spa
  • Go to a hair salon and try a new hair do
  • Eat your favourite chocolate
  • Eat your favourite ice cream
  • Go outside and observe nature
  • Give your pet a bath
  • Listen to radio and your favourite programs
  • Watch your favourite cricket game
  • Watch favourite series over netflix
  • Create an online blog
  • Join internet dating
  • Sell something you want to sell online
  • Solve a puzzle with friends or family
  • Play riddles and scavenger hunt 
  • Colour your mandala book
  • Color your feelings on a paper by scribbling with crayons
  • Do painting on a canvas
  • Make candles from wax
  • Watch your old pictures and videos with family
  • Watch cartoons that distract you from your problem
  • Make memory collage
  • Make funny videos with friends
  • Do karaoke singing
  • Write a story about your day focu on the various positive and negative happenings
  • Write a letter to god and share unexpressed feelings and thoughts
  • Do sex with your partner, hug, cuddle and get emotional affiliation
  • Listen to motivational videos
  • Organize your cupboard, arrange your clothes
  • Get involved in gardening, sow your plants and water them
  • Make a crochet
  • Clean your car or motorbike, wash it with water and do exterior and interior cleaning
  • Wash your car porch or terrace
  • Read your favorite book 
  • Make a list of your strengths and chose 3 strengths that can help you dealing with your problem
  • Recall your favourite childhood memory
  • Play dumbcharades with friends
  • Play with sand to seek pleasure through tactile senses
  • Smell your favourite scent or get a massage with arma oil
  • Spend time with favourite stuff toy
  • Challenge your thoughts through facts writing evidences that support your thought and evidences that don’t support your thoughts
  • Distract yourself by counting the things you like in environment
  • Look on the positive side of the unpleasant event and accept it
  • Bake your favourite cake
  • Scribble on a paper
  • Try a new makeup look
  • Visualize your favourite place
  • Male realistic goals
  • Play with slime to get distracted
  • Make bubbles with soap water
  • Spend time with children and interact with them
  • Do office work or home chores
  • Talk to your romantic partner


The present blogspot was based on 100 free coping strategies that can be utilized in moments of distress and unpleasant experiences to get rid of emotional build up and negative automatic thoughts. These coping skills can be utilized by any individual to help him/her get over anxiety and stress of daily life events in a healthy way.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 100 free coping skills

What are 2 main coping strategies?

The 2 main coping strategies are :

Emotion focused coping strategy
Problem focused coping strategy

What are 5 different coping strategies?

Practice alternate positive thoughts
Distract yourself
Talk to a friend

What are the unhealthy coping skills?

The unhealthy coping skills include:

Self mutilating behaviors
Cutting yourself
Manipulating other
Suicidal behavior
Emotional abuse through recreational drugs

What are three coping techniques?

The three types of coping techniques are :

Task oriented
Emotion oriented
Avoidance oriented



100 Coping Strategies for Anger, Anxiety, and More

100 Coping Strategies for Anger, Anxiety, and More