100 computer questions and answers


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This article will discuss 100 of the most relevant computer questions and their answers.

100 computer questions and answers 

If you are curious about 100 of the best computer questions, here they are with their answers.

1- What is the name of the program that reduced the size of the file so it doesn’t take so much space?

Answer: It is File Compression.

2- What is the name of the type of software that is called “end-user” software?

Answer: It is application software.

3- What provides the user interface, controls the computer’s resources, and also runs programs?

Answer: It is the operating system.

4- What utility is responsible for identifying which files are not essential, and erasing them when the user allows them to?

Answer: It is the Disk Cleanup.

5- Give the name of an operating system that doesn’t have a graphical user interface.

Answer: MS-Dos.

6- What does GUI stand for?

Answer: It stands for Graphical User Interface.

7- Utilities are also known as what?

Answer: They are also known as Service programs.

8- What is Unicode?

Answer: It is a 16-bite code that supports international languages such as Chinese, and Japanese.

9-  What is the smallest unit in a digital system?

Answer: It is a bit.

10- What does ALU perform?

Answer: It performs arithmetic and logical operations.

11- What is ROM?

Answer: It is the Read Only Memory.

12- How many bytes at a time can a 32-bit word computer assess?

Answer: It can assess 4 bytes at a time.

13- Name 3 types of printers.

Answer: Ink-jet, laser, and thermal.

14- What is the most common type of audio output device?

Answer: It is the speaker.

15- The joystick is used for what?

Answer: It is used to play faster computer games.

16- What does the Interpreter do?

Answer: It translates and executes programs at run time line by line.

17- What is the name given to unsolicited emails that come continuously?

Answer: It is spam.

18- What does domain name warehousing do?

Answer: It allocates the IP address, and manages the domain name system.

19- What is an application?

Answer: It is a software tool that allows the user to interact with a computer for one specific purpose.

20- What is necessary to save a word document as a web page?

Answer: You need to use your web browser as an editor, and save it as a URL.

21- What is a hyperlink?

Answer: It is a word in a webpage that when clicked opens another document.

22- What is the capacity of one terabyte?

Answer: It is 1024 gigabytes.

23- What is the operating system that was created by Apple?

Answer: It is IOS.

24- What is the most common chat protocol for textual chatting?

Answer: It is the IRC.

25- How do two devices communicate in Infrastructure WLAN?

Answer: They do it through an access point.

26- What is the name of the application that is often used to make a presentation?

Answer: It is PowerPoint.

27- What is the platform of a computer?

Answer: It is the combination of the operating system and the processor of the computer.

100 computer questions and answers

28- What is a modem?

Answer: It is hardware.

29- What does CPU stand for?

Answer: It stands for Central processing unit.

30- What is the name of the place in which you insert the DVD into a computer?

Answer: It is the DVD drive.

31- What is considered to be the brain of the computer?

Answer: It is the CPU.

32- What is another name given to a desktop computer?

Answer: It is a PC.

33- What is an Input?

Answer: It is the information that comes from an external source and is put on the computer software.

34- Which sector usually uses FORTRAN?

Answer: It is used for scientific purposes.

35- What is the meaning of LCD?

Answer: It means Liquid crystal display.

36- What is hardware?

Answer: It is the physical device of a computer system.

37- What is the name of the first fully electronic computer in the world?

Answer: It is EDSAC.

38- What is software?

Answer: It is the non-physical component of a computer.

39- What is the half adder?

Answer: It is the name of the logic circuit that can add two binary digits.

40- What does IC mean?

Answer: It means an Integrated circuit.

41- Who built the first computer mouse?

Answer: It was Douglas Engelbart.

42- What is an URL?

Answer: It is the web address.

43- In computers what is another name for an error?

Answer: It is a bug.

44- What is the name given to when errors are being corrected in a program?

Answer: It is called debugging.

45- What does a network do?

Answer: It shares the hardware, software, and date among users.

46- What is the name given to the person that writes and tests computers?

Answer: They are called programmers.

47- What is the name of the memory that supplements the main memory of the computer?

Answer: It is called primary memory.

48- What does the Instruction decoder do?

Answer: It is a processing unit that interprets and implements the instructions.

49- What code does the keyboard generate when a bottom is pressed?

Answer: It generates the ASCII codes.

50- What is the main function of a computer system?

Answer: It is to process data.

51- Why do computers use input devices?

Answer: It uses input devices to accept the data and program.

52- What is the cycle time?

Answer: It is the smallest period between two successive requests of memory.

53- What is the most common input device in computers?

Answer: It is a keyboard.

54- What can happen to the thermal printer over time?

Answer: It can darken the paper because of the exposure to sunlight and heat.

55- What is the maximum number of programs that can be active even if you have more open?

Answer: Three programs.

56- What is the printing speed of the dot matrix printer?

Answer: It is 3000 characters per second.

57- The CPU chip is partially made of what?

Answer: It is partially made of silica.

58- What does it mean to have a dedicated computer?

Answer: It means that it is a computer that is assigned for only one task.

59- What is the name of the mechanism that is responsible for protecting the network from outside attack?

Answer: It is called a firewall.

60- What is a download?

Answer: It is the copy of data from a remote computer, or an internet location, to a local computer.

61- What are supercomputers?

Answer: Supercomputers are a type of computer that can make really fast complex calculations.

62- What computer company is known as the Big Blue?

Answer: It is IBM.

63- What is the name of the chip that can be reprogrammed with a special electronic pulse?

Answer: It is called EEPROM.

64- What is PASCAL?

Answer: It is a language of computer programming that is commonly used in computer science, and engineering.

65- Which country developed the digital computer?

Answer: It was the US.

66- What is a Hub?

Answer: It is the central part of a disk.

67- What is the execution time?

Answer: It is the time during which a job is processed.

68- What is the type of memory that is used for the temporary storage of data?

Answer: It is the RAM.

69- What do computer operators do?

Answer: They deal with the devices that input and output data in the computer.

70- What does the motherboard do?

Answer: It holds the ROM, RAM, CPU, and expansion cards.

71- What is a page printer?

Answer: It is the system that produces one page of printed output at a time.

72- What is a nanocomputer?

Answer: It is a molecular scale computer.

73- What is a collator?

Answer: It is a device that is used to merge sets and decks of cards.

74- What was a punched card?

Answer: It was the first way to store data.

75- What is the toolbar?

Answer: It is the bar in which the buttons for some programs are evident to make the process easier.

76- What is an Icon?

Answer: It is a picture that aims to represent an object. It can be folders, files, emails, and so on.

77- What is the interface?

Answer: It is the visible layer that allows a user to communicate with the computer.

78- Who is considered the father of the modern computer?

Answer: It is Alan Turing.

79- Who was the inventor of the mechanical calculator, which is called Pascaline?

Answer: It was Blaise Pascal.

80- Who was the inventor of the World Wild Web (WWW)?

Answer: It was Sir Tim Berness-Lee.

81- Who are Livewares?

Answer: They are people that work with computers.

82- What is the secondary memory device?

Answer: It is a floppy disk.

83- Name 5 output devices.

Answer: Monitor, printer, keyboard, speaker, and headphones.

84- What is the name of when a hacker contacts you to try to get your password?

Answer: It is phishing.

85- What is the domain non-profitable organizations use online?

Answer: They use .org.

86- What is e-commerce?

Answer: It is the sale of goods that is done over the internet.

87- What is the network that is often used in college labs?

Answer: It is the LAN network.

88- What is the CPU made of?

Answer: It is made of a control unit, an arithmetic-logic unit, and primary storage. 

89- What is machine language?

Answer: It is the first programming language used in first-generation computers.

90- What can a microprocessor do?

Answer: It can understand the difference between data and programs.

91- What graphical model defines a database?

Answer: It is the E-R diagram.

92- What are cookies used for?

Answer: They are used to identify a user that returns to the website.

93- What computer language does apple computer use?

Answer: It uses swift language.

94- What is the name of the computer engineer that received the Nobel Prize for literature in 2003?

Answer: It was J.M. Coetzee.

95- What does a compiler do?

Answer: It converts the source codes into machine codes, making a file executable.

96- What does BIOS mean?

Answer: It means basic input/output system.

97- What provides the full transport layer services to applications?

Answer: It is the TCP.

98- Who developed Javascript?

Answer: It was developed by Netscape.

99- What is necessary for a computer to connect to dial up the internet?

Answer: It is necessary to use a modem.

100- Where is the permanent data of the computer stored?

Answer: It is stored in the hard drive, or the SSD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the most relevant 100 computer questions and answers? 

Is it essential that I know everything about computers? 

It may only be necessary if you desire to pursue a career that is connected to that.

How can I learn more about computers? 

You can do it by working on a computer, talking to people that know it, or even by taking a course in it.

Am I dumb if I don’t know everything about computers? 

No, but if you desire to know more about it, it may be a good idea to do a course about it.

To use a computer is it necessary that I know everything about it?

No, for regular use of a computer you don’t need to know everything about it.


This article showed the 100 most relevant computer questions and their answers.

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