10 Probing Questions(You should ask)

This blogspot will be based on the question “ what are the 10 probing questions?”.  It will be based on 10 questions that are open ended, effective and are clarifying for getting a deeper insight about any specific situation.  With the help of probing questions, there is an opportunity that the answers revealed to those questions have associated feelings and reasons well explained. Probing questions are very useful in troubleshooting, problem solving and conflict resolution. 

What are the 10 probing questions? (effective questions for probing)

The 10 effective questions for probing are as follows : 

  • Why do you think this situation/problem/scenario exists?

This question develops an insight in the mind about the possible causes and triggers of the problem.

  • What sort of outcome the situation/scenario/event will  eventually have on your life?

This question instills an idea about the ultimate effect of any scenario on life. It also tends to highlight the key individuals who are greatly being affected by the situation and enables a person to analyze the situation in cause and effect scenario.

  • Have you ever been through such a scenario/ event/ situation in the past?

This question describes how an individual has been dealing with similar problems/events or scenarios through the past. 

  • What role have you played in making the situation better?

This question highlights the individuals interest and motivation in handling any conflict or problem in life. It also instills a sense of responsibility and tends to shift the aspect from problem focused to solution focused.

  • How do you think your life has changed since the scenario/event/situation has occurred?

The effects of any problem or life situation are deeply analyzed by overviewing the change in social, personal, professional and familial domains of life.

  • What do you think is the solution to the problem?

The various solutions to a problem are mentally overviewed and the possible related outcomes of each are discussed.

  • What do you think needs to change inorder to accomplish the solution to the problem area?

One solution to the problem area is focused and the concerning changes in life are analyzed. The people involved to find the solution and the scenarios that need to change for a solution are worked upon.

  • Do you feel you are going in the right direction for sorting out the problem area?

The direction of decision is questioned to have an idea if an individual has clarity about his aim and the goal he wants to achieve by going a certain way.

  • What do you think are the merits and demerits of changing or sustaining the current scenario?

The question of changing the situation versus sustaining the sustain is used to build motivation. It helps to psychoeducate individuals about the advantages and disadvantages of changing the situation and advantages and disadvantages of changing the situation or sustaining it.

  • How did you come to this solution?

This question summarizes  the change vs sustain scenario concerning the problem. It strengthens the individual’s decision about sustaining or changing the situation and the various advantages and disadvantages of changing or sustaining the situation. Thus making decisions about a certain aspect of life becomes easy.

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The current blogspot focused on the 10 effective  probing questions that improve understanding and clarity about any life event. We learned that probing questions have a crucial impact on decision making skills and help gain a deeper insight about any problem or life issue in terms of its effects and possible solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 10 Probing Questions

Which three types of questions are useful probing questions?

The three types of questions that are useful probing questions are:
Open ended questions
Close ended questions
Discovery questions

What is a probing question?

Probing questions are questions that are asked for getting a detailed and deep insight about any phenomenon. They are generally based on what, where, why, when and how. The knowledge gained through probing questions helps formulate a solution for better resolution of a conflict or solving a life problem.

What is the 5 why method of probing? 

The 5 why method of probing is usually used to get to the root of the problem. It is used mostly for troubleshooting and quality improving. The  first question is why the problem occurred and it follows down to the remaining 4 why based on the answer to each why question.